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Outcry over Israeli soldier’s photo of boy in crosshairs

Tel Aviv: An Israeli soldier has caused outrage among Palestinians with a photo published on a popular photo-sharing website that shows the crosshairs of a rifle aimed at the head of what appears to be a Palestinian boy.
The photo, credited to Mor Ostrovski on Instagram, was first discovered by blogger Ali Abunimah.
“The image is simply tasteless and dehumanizing. It embodies the idea that Palestinian children are targets,” wrote Abunimah.
Other images on Ostrovski’s Instagram account showed images of Israeli soldiers posing with sniper rifles and other weapons. By yesterday, the account appeared to have been deactivated, Al Jazeera reported.
A group of Israeli Army veterans seeking to raise public awareness about life in the occupied territories, published the image on its Facebook page alongside a similar one it says was taken by another soldier in 2003.
“This is what the occupation looks like,” the group wrote. “Both pictures are testaments to the abuse of power rooted in the military control of another people.”
"Every Palestinian mother is concerned for her child ... because of the picture that is now known and seen worldwide," said Palestinian Authority spokesperson Nour Odeh yesterday.

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