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Palestinians to decide which UN bodies to join

BEIT JALA: The Palestinians will shortly decide which international organizations to join in the wake of their new-found UN status, including courts likely to act against Israel, negotiator Mohammed Shtayeh says.
“We have put together a legal team to study to which organization we shall apply first and what are the procedures of accession and what are the benefits and the consequences of accession into any of these,” he said, giving as examples the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
“In two weeks time we will be in a position to decide where and when we shall apply to this or that organization,” he said.
“We are considering all organizations, including the ICC and ICJ,” Shtayeh said. “We are not ruling it out at all, but the legal team is studying where do we go and when.”
“But if Israel continues to commit settler violence, financial violence, against our people... then I think Israel is actually pushing us to go into that direction even faster than we want,” he added.

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