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Pearl found inside oyster for headache cure

CORNWALL, NEWQUAY: A pearl has been found inside an oyster that was being used as part of a cure of a headache. Seafood lover James Humphries, 34, bought two oysters from his local fishmongers, E Rawle & Co, in order to cure his headache. While chewing on one of the molluscs, he felt a small lump between his teeth, reports The Mirror.
He revealed: "I thought a filling had fallen out. It was only when I spat it out that I discovered it was a pearl. "It's small, but perfectly formed and I absolutely love it." It is very unusual for pearls to be found in Pacific oysters, like the one Humphries found. They are usually found in pearl oysters.
Fishmonger Gareth Horner, whose grandfather set up E Rawle & Co in 1936, said: "I've been here for 30 years and sold thousands of oysters, but I've never seen a pearl come out of one. "My dad has been in the business even longer and he's never heard of it either."

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