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Persil consumers join media drive

In an initiative which reinforces its commitment to innovation and consumer engagement, Persil Abaya Shampoo, a world-class product from Persil which offers the perfect Abaya cleanliness and black color retention, has announced a new campaign on the Social Media platform. As part of the Persil Abaya world Social Media engagement, participants get a chance to directly engage with Rabia Z, one of the most renowned Abaya designers in the region, and influence her for the latest Abaya designs – from inspiration to execution – all on the Persil Abaya Shampoo Social Media platform.
Lisa Tohme, Brand Manager – Laundry Care at Henkel Arabia, said: “Persil, which has always believed in creating products tailored to the needs of the consumers has taken its consumer engagement to the next level through this Social Media initiative on all channels – be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc.”
She added: “This initiative allows participants to influence the future Abaya trends through an interactive and engaging voting mechanism. Our initiative will go a long way in influencing the future design trends using Social Media and we are confident that our consumers will love this campaign.”
The new campaign will roll out with the launch of an inspiration video featuring Rabia Z by the sea, sketching in her atelier etc on various Social Media channels. This video is later broken down into mini streams – scenes of views that catches Rabia Z’s attention – be it a beautiful work of art, a motivational sketch, the warmth of a texture, the inspiration from a word or a book, the beauty of the sand and the nature or the solitude of the sea and fans would be asked to choose the mini video that inspires them the most.
The most-voted video is announced, and Rabia Z starts with her Abaya sketch based on the video content. Three shortlisted sketches will then be rolled out on the Persil Abaya Shampoo Facebook page and the participants will be asked to vote for the design they want Rabia Z to execute.

Following this, three distinct Abaya fabrics will be uploaded, and the fans get to vote for their chosen one, depending on texture, season, occasion etc.

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