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A piece of art for every home

Over 100 national and international artists will display more than 1,000 inexpensive pieces of paintings, sculptures and other art works at the fifth annual Affordable Art exhibition at Jeddah Atelier in Nazer Center Tahlia for the next two and a half weeks. The event was inaugurated on Monday.
Artist and owner of Jeddah Atelier art center, Hisham Qandeel, organized the exhibition, offering art works from beginners to famous artists at affordable prices starting from SR 500 to SR 2,000.
“Artists from all around the Kingdom and the Arab world are participating, including big names like Taha Saban, Othman Al-Khazeem, Abdullah Hammas, Fahad Hijlan and many others. Still, you won’t have to pay more than SR 2,000, because we want this exhibition to make art available to anyone.
At the same time, it is a place for all the artists to show and promote their talent,” said Qandeel.
“The idea behind this exhibition is admirable. New artists get a push and well known artists offer smaller pieces that are affordable for everyone,” said art collector Nadia Al-Zuhair Zahid. “The number of artists participating in the exhibition and the variety of their work this year is amazing.”

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