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Pink boxing gloves to fight cancer

Loft, a Saudi team founded by a photographer, filmmaker and art director, has launched a campaign to spread an awareness of breast cancer this month. The team is a creative hub of tri-disciplined services: Design, Photography, and Film. They have recently introduced a new service to their bouquet. They partnered up with a social media consultancy to provide their clients with expert social media strategies.
“We give equal importance to all three disciplines. We love working with local, upcoming brands or talents,” said Nada Hakeem, co-founder. “We also like to work with established clients who want a new and fresh take on their creative needs,” she added.
The Loft founders are enthusiastic and active young women, they believe everyone owes their community, and this is why they took the opportunity during the month of October, being an internationally celebrated month for breast cancer awareness, to raise awareness about the topic in their own creative way, as part of their corporate social responsibility.
“The idea started with a design campaign: a visual and the slogan ‘Let’s Fight’. Soon we thought to extend it into a photo and video shoot,” said Hakeem. “The idea is that everyone that participates, and pays a fee of SR 50, gets their picture and video taken while posing in a fighting stance with a pair of pink boxing gloves,” she added.
The project has around one hundred participants; some of them supported the initiative by sharing pictures on social media.
“We aim to inject positive energy into our audience, and positive change into our community. We also aim to encourage similar creative social initiatives, in any realm,” said Hakeem. “We raised a satisfactory amount of money, we are very thankful to everyone that participated. The money is going to the Zahra Breast Cancer Association,” she added.
The artists are always interested in participating in cause initiatives. They had previously done the “Erham Al-Amel Al-Sayem” campaign, which is Arabic for “Have Mercy upon Fasting Workers”, during the month of Ramadan, and they are looking into an ongoing recycling initiative.
The campaign received great feedback through social media, where people started sharing the pictures and commenting on them. “Everyone who participated in this campaign came with a great load of energy,” said Hakeem. “We got very positive feedback, and we guarantee everyone will be even happier with the picture and video release, so stay tuned,” she added.

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