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Saudi Arabia

Plastic surgeons share views

Saudi Arabia presented three papers at the conference of the International Association of Plastic Surgeons which was recently concluded in Greece.
The papers included state-of-the-art techniques in cosmetic surgery, such as modifications to a deviated septum, arm-lifting, removal of excess skin, body contour modification and other problems of the body and skin.
Dr. Yasser Al Badawi, a prominent participant for Saudi Arabia (the only Arab country participating in the conference) presented a paper on the latest medical techniques used by the Eid Clinic center. The paper focuses on modifying deviated septums which is common in the Arab world. In the same conference, Dr. Mohammad Deib Eid presented a special technique for arm-lifting, the first of its kind on a global level.
"This new medical technique comes after extensive research and clinical trials. The procedure depends on making a small incision, then lifting the underarms using an advanced scientific method," said Dr. Eid.
The conference discussed the importance of using stem cells for the reconstruction of breast tissue previously afflicted with cancer. This revolutionary method renews hope among both male and female constituencies for future surgical techniques.

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