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The president must act now

This refers to the Arab News report, US shocked: 18 children among 27 gunned down,” (Dec. 15) giving details about a US school shooting in Connecticut in which a 20-year-old man is said to have rained bullets killing instantly 27 innocent people including kids.

Until strict gun laws are introduced in the US, we will continue to see such massacres of the innocents. It is really sad to note that the ‘land of the free’ yet to learn a lesson from the McDonald massacre of 21 people in California (1984), killing of 14 innocent souls in Oklahoma (1986), cafeteria murder of 23 people in Texas (1991), Columbine High School murder of 13 (1999), cold blooded murder of 32 in Virginia Tech University (2007), killing of 13 people at Ford Hood Military base in Texas (2009) and now 27 people including 20 little ones between the age of 5 and 10, in Connecticut school shooting.

It is amazing that Americans believe a law written 224 years ago. The American gun-lobby, which chants about the right to bear arms, needs to adopt the type of laws every other civilized country on earth has adopted. One could never ever imagine such a brutal attack of this nature will take place on children attending kindergarten.

The unsolved mystery, however, is why should the mother of the murderer, who was the first victim of her son, Adam Lanza, had four assault rifles at home. For anyone to buy a gun in the US is like buying a packet of chewing-gum over the counter. There is no excuse this time for the president; he has to act right now! — S.H. Moulana, Riyadh