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Saudi Arabia

Probe launched as 2 jets crash

JEDDAH: The Defense Ministry has launched a probe into the crash of two military planes — an F-15 and a Hawk fighter— in the eastern and northern parts of the Kingdom in two days.
The F-15 fighter with only the pilot on board crashed into Gulf waters on Sunday night while on a training mission in the Eastern Province, a ministry spokesman said.
The plane fell into “Saudi territorial waters and the search for the pilot is still continuing.”
The accident took place while Fahd bin Faleh Al-Masareer was on routine training mission.
The Hawk fighter jet crashed at King Faisal Airbase in Tabuk while it was landing due to a technical fault, the spokesman said, adding the pilot was able to eject safely.
Earlier this year another F-15 crashed in the northwest of the Kingdom during a training mission, but its pilot was able to eject safely.
On Dec. 20, 2011 a Hawk jet belonged to Saudi Royal Air Force crashed after it collided with a bird.

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