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Riyadh derby

TONIGHT, Hilal will meet Nassr in the 18th round of the league. Nassr seems to be in better shape than Hilal which is slowly being killed by its coach while the management sits back.
The coach has already played 22 official matches but until now, still can’t get up with a permanent lineup. He even invents positions for some of the players who never played in and always fails. His lineup and technique against Ittifaq last Thursday backfired and gave their opponent the chance for a last minute draw.
It is even harder for them to compete with Fateh now on the league’s championship and easier for Nassr to beat Hilal for the first time in three years. Nassr’s supporters think that winning this game will be a piece of cake, while Hilal’s fans think that their team is in its worst time.
However, regardless of whatever the results may be, we will still see a nice match. Nassr’s coach is the team’s inspiration while Hilal’s coach is their supporters’ fear. In terms of players, Hilal definitely has a much better set including the foreign ones. I think that this match will decide if Hilal will still compete for the league title or will give up for Fateh, and that is what makes this match an important one.
Speaking of Fateh, it’s almost impossible to beat them in the league as they step forward to be the champions for the first time.
I wish you all an exciting evening. May the best team win.