Riyadh science fair a big draw

Updated 01 June 2012

Riyadh science fair a big draw

The Riyadh Science Oasis Center’s (RSO) building exhibition for youngsters has had a huge response with over 8,000 children visiting the exhibition since its opening in Al-Othaim Mall (Rabwah).
The exhibition was organized by RSO with the cooperation of MTE Studios for children aged six to 12 and will run until July 10. Its original run was meant to last until June 10.
Created by Dubai, Bahrain and Cape Town based MTE Studios, the activity zone attracts young Saudi enthusiasts to explore the world of construction enabling them to develop intellectual, physical, emotional and social skills.
“We are glad to bring this exhibition again to the Kingdom and are impressed with the overwhelming response we have received. We are amazed to see the creativity of the little ones at the show. We are receiving more inquiries from schools to visit in groups and look forward to attracting bigger numbers by the end of the event,” said Mazen Abdulrazak Balilah, CEO of Riyadh Science Oasis.
Visitors are able to operate a pulley and a child-size crane to hook, lift and move objects and materials, and build structures with bricks and blocks. Right through the exhibition, the unrestricted nature of the materials and activities allows creativity to grow. Children are encouraged to use the exhibit in their own way, contributing to personalized learning experience.
“The ‘BUILD A CITY’ children’s activity zone provides an ideal opportunity for children to enjoy constructive play in a team-building environment. The whole experience allows them to develop social, mental and physical skills while also enjoying themselves,” said Ludo Verheyen, CEO, MTE Studios. “This is the third time the exhibition is being showcased in Saudi Arabia and I am pleased to see the popularity it has gained along the years,” added Verheyen.
Getting into little hard hats and construction vests, children create, play and learn as they explore the concepts of construction and simple machines. The totally interactive experience for children aims to be fun, exciting and of great educational value. Children develop skills like planning and supervision, problem solving, teamwork, leadership, motor coordination, hand-eye-coordination, use of equipment, vocabulary development and socializing and recognition. It also highlights the importance of natural awareness for a sustainable, quality living environment.


King Salman, crown prince thank interior minister for lowering crime

Interior Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saud
Updated 22 April 2018

King Salman, crown prince thank interior minister for lowering crime

  • The king praised the Prince Abdul Aziz and the ministry for these 'outstanding achievements"
  • The number of road traffic accidents decreased by 19.7 percent

JEDDAH: King Salman has thanked Interior Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saud for the security services’ work in bringing down the crime rate in the past year, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

In a cable of gratitude on Sunday, King Salman said: “We have read your Highness’ cable ... regarding the positive results of the performance indicators of the Ministry of Interior’s security services for the period from June 25, 2017, to April 18, 2018, compared to the same period in the previous year, which showed a significant improvement in the decline in crime rates in general.

“The rate of intentional homicide dropped by 6.5 percent, honor crimes dropped by 14.5 percent, thefts by 2 percent, and armed robberies by 10.5 percent.

“The number of road traffic accidents decreased by 19.7 percent, the number of fatalities decreased by 19.1 percent, and the number of casualties decreased by 15.9 percent.

“In the area of border security and combating drug trafficking, the performance in seizing smugglers rose by 7.1 percent, in controlling the borders and preventing infiltrations rose by 35.5 percent, and in arresting those who are convicted of illegal narcotics drug crimes by 34.95 percent.

“In tracking and arresting violators of residency and labor laws and border security, the measures currently adopted for joint security field campaigns (the 'A Nation without a Violator' campaign) resulted in seizing 987,007 violations to date.”

King Salman thanked the minister and everyone working in all the ministry’s sectors “for these outstanding achievements and successive accomplishments that reflect the efforts made and the steady improvement in performance levels, which led to a significant and obvious decline in crime rates and a rise in the level of safety.”

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also sent a cable of gratitude to the interior minister for the positive results.

He thanked the prince for the excellent performance of the Interior Ministry’s security services which showed a significant reduction of crime in the fields of premeditated murder, honor, armed robbery, traffic, border security as well as Iqama, labor and border-crossing violators.