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Saudi Arabia

‘Islam forbids practicing sorcery’

Justice Minister Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Isa met Tuesday with a delegation from the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to discuss the Saudi judiciary system among other topics.
The delegation talked about the sorcery-related issues in detail, seeking answers on the concept of witchcraft and the way the Saudi judiciary handles them.
The minister said the most important guarantee in such cases rests on fair judiciary, which issues verdicts after ensuring the right for compensation for those who have been harmed according to the set criminal and civil responsibility rules.
The minister said Islam forbids practicing acts aimed to harm community, and magic is one of them.
The Islamic concept differs from such concept of magic, he was quoted by Saudi Press Agency.
He told the delegation that those who involved in sorcery are remanded in custody because of their practices may negatively affect the public order and security of the community.
Al-Isa also said in the meeting that the Saudi courts are strong, independent and impartial.
He said the Saudi judicial system guarantees all rights and freedom in accordance with the Kingdom’s constitution and regulatory arrangements and documents.
These regulations come to draw line between freedom and disturbance to the public order of the country that could affect the security of the community.
The minister said there was documented evidence that show the strength of Saudi judiciary system as a natural outcome of its independence and full impartiality.

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