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Hadaf warns against use of illegal software

The Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” issued a warning about the use of illegal software to update personal data in “Hafiz” in order to avoid the stealing of personal and bank account information by a third party.
The warning followed the release of more than one application on smartphones to update data on “Hafiz” for beneficiaries automatically.
In a statement to Al-Watan newspaper, the spokesman for the Human Resources Development Fund, Sultan Al Sareea, warned about the use of illegal software to update personal data in Hafiz, pointing out also that “Hadaf” is using appropriate solutions to preserve the privacy of the beneficiaries of its programs on one hand and the rights of “Hadaf” on the other.
He said: “I would alert the beneficiaries of the danger of the disclosure of personal information and banking to any third party, which may lead to some people manipulating the beneficiaries’ entitlements or using such information as a cover for irregular and illegal operations.”
He added that the Fund maintains at all times the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data obtained.
He stressed the importance of using the “Weekly Access” feature on the program’s website as an important mechanism of direct communication between the program and the beneficiaries. Through this, users can access information and guidance for the program and support services, such as training and rehabilitation and help in the search for opportunities to work in the private sector.
The owner of the program, who preferred to remain anonymous to Al Watan, confirmed that the program is an application running on Android devices that helps beneficiaries of the program to update weekly in order to avoid deduction of any sums of money from the subsidy in the absence of updating information.

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