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Saudi Arabia

Indonesia interfering in labor cases

Labor Minister Adel Fakeih refused to sign a draft agreement presented by the Indonesian Ministry of Labor and Immigration regulating the return of Indonesian labor to their country.
The refusal was based on Saudi authorities assertion that Jakarta wanted to interfere in labor cases involving Indonesians in Saudi courts.
Fakeih told Muhaymin Iskander, his Indonesian counterpart, during a meeting in Jeddah this week that Saudi Arabia doesn’t want the independence of the Saudi legal system affected, according to a source.
The source said the two ministers agreed on upholding the privacy of the Saudi families and agreed on the insurance, the ceiling of salaries and work hours.
Fakeih asked that the draft contain a clause mandating that the Indonesian government should give training and orientation to the Indonesian labor prior to their arrival in the Kingdom. The training will be conducted by an international consultant, who will train labor in seven countries.
Jakarta requested that the Kingdom allow Indonesian nurses to work in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi officials were favorable to the request, but they said that the nurses should be trained.
The number of Indonesian workers in the Kingdom currently stands at half a million.

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