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Saudi Arabia

Investigations directorate urged to recruit women

The General Directorate of Investigation (GDI) should open its doors to employ women with the required qualifications, said Minister of Interior Prince Mohammed bin Naif.
“The minister instructed the delegation that participated in Career Day in Ottawa, to attract qualified women for the investigation sector,” said Mohsen Al-Shieani, director general of the Department of Planning at the GDI in an interview with a Canadian newspaper.
“The jobs reserved for women will focus on social and humanitarian disciplines, communication with the families of prisoners and detainees, as well as social studies, and business management,” said Al-Shieani.
The GDI wing at the Career Day gallery, which concluded on Sunday and lasted three days, witnessed a large turnout by Saudi female scholarship students. They filled out employment applications and were keen to serve their country through one of its security bodies.
Al-Shieani said that Prince Mohammed bin Naif expressed enthusiasm toward the participation of the GDI in Career Day. “The minister agreed to participate as soon as the subject was offered to him.”
The GDI has completed the recruitment process to employ 23 female scholarship students among more than two hundred students who had applied for a job at the directorate during its participation last year in the Career Day in Washington. The directorate continues to receive job applications from scholarship students that attended this year’s Career Day.
The GDI is keen to attract talented scholarship students due to their high scientific qualifications, in addition to their language skills, said Al-Shieani.
The admitted students would be subjected to a four-month training course on top of official working hours. This would allow trainees to do their work at the directorate and attend the course at the same time.
The course includes one month training for the transition from civilian to military, so alumni are set to function as an officer, while the remaining three months will be lectures.

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