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Jeddah’s southern Corniche ‘lacks services’

Visitors to Jeddah’s southern Corniche have complained the site lacks services and facilities, and that it is marred of leftovers by visitors and picnickers, with weeds and grass all growing over.
Corniche is a beautiful, natural waterfront picnic area for residents and citizens. However, although it witnesses weekly camping activities, it lacks basic amenities, such as groceries, restaurants and fuel stations. A local newspaper spotted families camping along the coast.
“The southern Corniche is unique, because it is facing the beach directly. It is away from any noise of the city and urban areas, with vast open spaces free of crowds and congestions, unlike that of the Middle Corniche and Obhur. However, it lacks entertainment facilities for children and adults, green spaces, tap water, public utilities and mosques,” said Mazen Al-Harbi, a visitor of the site.
Saad Al-Morky, a fisherman, agreed with Al-Harbi: “In addition to that, the site is rich with fish stock, so we prefer it to other sites.” He pointed out that privileges of the beach were its location near Makkah as well as the possibilities it offers families to swim by the beach while the men go fishing.
Abdullah Al-Sawat, executive director of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) branch in Makkah, explained that the department of tourist sites development would provide consultation services for any party wishing to develop tourist sites anywhere across the country, in particular at coasts that attract Makkah citizens. “The commission monitors tourism investment sites to ensure compliance with standards and terms of their categorization,” concluded Al-Sawat.
The southern Corniche is likely to attract even more visitors from Makkah following completion of the new road constructed by the Ministry of Transport, which has contributed to the smoothness of traffic for citizens and visitors commuting between Makkah and Jeddah through Madinah Road.
The new road will make the journey from Makkah to the southern Corniche less than 75 Km, whereas the old route demanded commuters to pass through Jeddah, the Port Bridge, and King Faisal Road to the south. Once constructions are completed, the highway will be linked with the Jeddah-Jazan highway.

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