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Saudi Arabia

Jobs cleared for Saudi women

The Ministry of Justice has finalized the schedule to fill the jobs at the reconciliation centers, which was approved last week by the Council of Ministers.
According to Muhammad Fu’aym, assistant deputy minister of justice for judicial referral, said the cases will be promptly referred to the centers, but the step will not be mandatory.
No deadline was given for the time period during which the centers should rule on the cases since it depends on the parties in dispute. The parties might reach an amicable resolution within one or two hearings.
Fu’aym said there will be a role for women to play in these centers since women are better than men at handling matters related to social and psychological problems.
He said the ministry has received 370 job applications from women, many of which will be assigned to the reconciliation centers.
Meanwhile, a judicial source told Asharq Al-Awsat that he expects the centers to open institutional and organized avenues for reconciliation between litigants.

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