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Saudi Arabia

King donates money to bring home prisoner

Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has donated 1 million Egyptian pounds to bring home the last Saudi prisoner in Egypt, an official of the Saudi embassy in Cairo said recently.
The last man in Egyptian jail was a man who was handed a seven-year sentence and ordered to return 24 million Egyptian pounds that he had swindled from Egyptians. The court also ordered him to pay a fine of 1 million pounds, legal consultant at the Saudi Embassy in Cairo Muhammad Sami Jamaluddin said. When Ambassador Ahmed Kattan discussed the issue with Saudi authorities, the king donated the amount to secure the convict’s swap. The processing of his transfer is currently under way, Jamaluddin said.
Since Ambassador Ahmed Kattan took charge of the mission in Cairo in 2010, 25 Saudis serving time in Egyptian prisons on sentences ranging from five years to life have been brought to the Kingdom.
A prisoner swap agreement was signed between the two countries in 2008 and accordingly all Saudi prisoners were brought to the Kingdom to serve the rest of their jail time, Jamaluddin said in a statement to a local daily.
A legal team of 16 lawyers are working around the clock to offer legal assistance to any Saudi arrested in that country.

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