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KKESH celebrates graduation of 16 specialist doctors

The King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) recently celebrated the graduation of 16 doctors with minute specializations of ophthalmic medicine and surgery.
The hospital's executive director general, Dr. Abdul Elah Al-Towerki, chaired the event which was attended by international and domestic luminaries in the field of medicine. They included Dr. Ashley Behrens, dean of the Medical College and supervisor of Hospitals at the university; Dr. Mubarak Al-Faran, chairman of the Science Council of Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery in the Saudi Council of Health Specializations, and Dr. Khaled Tabarah, head of the Department of Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery at the King Saud University.
In his remarks, Al-Towerki recounted that the program developed in 1994 is considered the first in minute ophthalmic specializations. The program at KKESH is also considered the most successful and prestigious program for ophthalmological higher studies in the Kingdom.
He also said that 226 doctors who received fellowships in sophisticated ophthalmic surgery and medicine are now working in all provinces in the Kingdom and in other Gulf countries, as well.
“It is the duty of the fellowship holders to put in practice what they learned these years in order to raise the standard of ophthalmic medicine in all provinces in the Kingdom and they should also benefit from the expertise of the fellows in the hospital whenever any need arises,” Al-Towreki said.
He added that from next year onward compulsory research work for trainee fellows in minute specializations will be introduced. Twenty-three doctors have joined that program in which there will be a total of 47 doctors in addition to the resident doctors.
In his address Dr. Ashley Behrens, Executive Medical Director at Johns Hopkins University, called on the graduates to remember that learning never stops for a doctor, not even in the hospital.
In her speech, Dr. Iman Al-Qahtani, director of medical studies at the hospital, commended the outstanding achievements of the fellowship program in various specializations of ophthalmic specializations in the hospital.
The graduates were: Dr. Naif Al-Ali of Eye Specialist Hospital in Dhahran, Dr. Turki Al-Ghamdi of Riyadh Military Hospital, Dr. Saad Al-Harbi of Uhd Hospital in Madinah, Dr. Nasser Al-Subaani of King Khaled University in Abha, Dr. Abdullah Abubacker from Yemen, Dr. Nawaf Al-Anazi of Prince Salman Hospital in Riyadh, Dr. Dhafir Al-Qahtani of Eye Specialist Hospital in Jeddah, Dr. Masoud Al-Qahtani of Asir Central Hospital in Abha, Dr. Nawal Arishi of Jeddah Eye Hospital, Dr. Essam Kurki of Uhd Hospital, Dr. Saif Al-Abeesi of Prince Salman Hospital, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Faran of KKESH, Dr. Ramzi Al-Jedaibi of King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Taif, Dr. Jelawi Al-Masoud of King Khaled Hospital in Hail, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Rashoud of King Fahd University Hospital in Alkhobar and Dr. Muayyed Zakour of Uhd Hospital.
King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital is a tertiary care ophthalmic facility operated by the Ministry of Health. The hospital provides quality tertiary ophthalmic care to the patients it serves and promotes the delivery of Kingdom-wide ophthalmic care through its outreach, educational and research programs.
For more than two decades, KKESH has been recognized for its delivery of ophthalmic patient care, for its educational programs including continuing medical education seminars and symposia, and training of ophthalmology residents and subspecialty fellows and other allied health care personnel, and its highly successful research programs.

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