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Saudi Arabia

Young men rent flats to smoke shisha

The shisha ban in Jeddah cafes has contributed to the rise in prices of small flats which are now in demand by Saudis to smoke shisha.
Shishas have been banned on health grounds, alongside other forms of smoking, with the Health Ministry campaigning for tougher measures against the habit for years.
Several Saudis have since found alternative locations such as small flats to smoke shisha, far from the prying eyes of the inspectors.
“There is a high turnout of Saudi youth willing to rent small flats. This has contributed to a rise in rents by up to 30 percent,” Abdullah Al-Gharbawi, a former member in the Real-Estate Committee of Jeddah Chamber for Commerce and Industry, told Arab News.
“I rented a small flat to smoke shisha and watch football with my friend,” Fahad Al-Murshedi, a young Saudi man told Arab News.
“There is no place in Jeddah for Saudi youth to meet with their friends. Most of the Jeddah cafes have been closed by municipal authorities. Therefore, I have rented a small flat with my friend to smoke shisha and have tea to spend our leisure time,” said Abdul Aziz Mubark.

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