French envoy lauds facilities for pilgrims

Updated 10 October 2014

French envoy lauds facilities for pilgrims

French Consul General Louis Blaine visited the headquarters of the Non-Arab Pilgrims’ Foundation of African Countries recently. He praised the efforts and facilities provided to them by the Kingdom during the Haj pilgrimage.
Blaine lauded the efforts of the government of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah for providing excellent facilities to the pilgrims’ foundation for the maximum comfort and safety of the pilgrims.
Blaine also met with chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, Abdul Wahid Burhan Saifuddin, and thanked him for the facilities provided to French pilgrims.
He said that he had visited the French pilgrims’ camps during the Haj and was very pleased with the facilities and level of comfort that were provided to them to complete their rituals in peace and safety.
Nearly 17,800 French pilgrims did Haj this year with 727 of them performing it with the Tawafa Organization for Pilgrims of non-Arab African countries while the rest performed the Haj under other foundations.
He expressed his satisfaction at seeing no cases of epidemics or quarantines for any of the French pilgrims.
He said the French Consulate follows up with the situation of the pilgrims during the Haj every year by visiting the pilgrims’ camps inside the holy sites. He noted that the Saudi government had made excellent arrangements for the Haj on a large scale as many big projects were going on simultaneously at the holy sites to facilitate pilgrims.
He also explained that the arrival of the French pilgrims were organized by 48 companies and tourist associations concerned with the affairs of Haj pilgrims, declaring that the French authorities were concerned with the public interest of the pilgrims.
Blaine said that there is a lot of difference between the Haj in 1985 and 2014 as there are stunning developments at the holy sites to provide services and facilities to the pilgrims.
He said that the pilgrimage represents a major challenge for the government of Saudi Arabia and its people to make it successful for millions of Muslims.
Saifuddin said that the government had provided all the necessary security and civilian personnel to ensure a successful pilgrimage.
He said that the inspection visit of the French consul general to the headquarters of the institution in Mina comes in the framework of cooperation and coordination between the institution and the French Consulate General, and he wished all pilgrims a safe journey home.

Jamarat facilities ready to receive pilgrims for Hajj in Saudi Arabia

Updated 21 August 2018

Jamarat facilities ready to receive pilgrims for Hajj in Saudi Arabia

  • Fixed and mobile stairways are located throughout the Jamarat area to facilitate pilgrims’ arrival
  • Saudi Arabia considers it a privilege to expand and improve its services to pilgrims every year

JEDDAH:  Jamarat facilities in Mina are fully prepared to receive Hajj pilgrims during the throwing of stones.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has deployed sunshades, cooling systems, escalators, closed-circuit TV, guidance and awareness-raising signboards and facilities, and information services.

The ministry’s projects include the installation of fixed and mobile cameras along the paths leading to the holy sites to monitor and manage pedestrian movement.

Fixed and mobile stairways are located throughout the Jamarat area to facilitate pilgrims’ arrival.



Many organizations and entities have provided amenities to help pilgrims on Arafat. Umbrellas have been distributed to provide shade and avoid heat stroke, cold water has been provided to quench pilgrims’ thirst, and food and beverages have been handed out. 

Holy Qur’ans have also been distributed to help pilgrims perform an Islamic ritual that abolishes worshippers’ sins.

Saudi Arabia considers it a privilege to expand and improve its services to pilgrims every year.


Live broadcast

The Media Ministry has launched a live broadcast of Hajj rituals on social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, as well as on YouTube.

The ministry has provided 19 channels transmitting in Arabic, English, Urdu, Malay, French and German.


Free internet

Saudi Telecom Co. (STC) has announced it will provide 1GB free for every pilgrim who uses its prepaid services as a gift to pilgrims during this year’s Hajj season. The gift is aimed at facilitating their experience during Hajj on the day of Tarwiya and Arafat.

STC chairman, Nasser bin Sulaiman Al-Nasser, explained that the company’s gift came as a result of instructions from King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to all governmental and private bodies related to the service of pilgrims.


Educate pilgrims

Dr. Abdul Fattah bin Suleiman Mashat, deputy minister of Hajj and Umrah, said the ministry has launched an awareness campaign in six languages — Arabic, English, French, Russian, Chinese and Persian — to educate pilgrims on Hajj regulations, provide them with health advice, and help them follow schedules in order to avoid overcrowding.

The ministry has launched the Manasikana smartphone app to provide pilgrims with services in eight languages, Mashat added.

The app informs pilgrims of grouping and transport plans, helps them find camps, lodgings and companions, and enables them to send reports and complaints to concerned authorities at the ministry.