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Saudi Arabia

Mr. Bean lookalike is a big draw

With almost the same features as that of the well-known British comedian Mr. Bean, Ibrahim Sulaiman Suwailem from Turkey receives his customers with a welcoming smile at a Lebanese restaurant in Jeddah.
Suwailem, who has been working at the restaurant for the last 22 years, is known to the restaurant customers as Mr. Bean. He is a Turkish delight with a difference.
“Everybody wants to take a photo with me, whether they are children or adults,” said Ibrahim. “My photo is now on various social networks,” he added.
Besides being Mr. Bean’s look-alike, another point of interest for Saudis is his middle name, Suwailem.
“I am very happy with my work here bringing smiles on faces,” he told Arab News.
He has no plans of returning to Turkey. “My life is too attached to Saudi Arabia,” he said.
He said during Eid, lots of customers are drawn to the restaurant to have a photo taken with him. “I really look forward to meeting them and feel happy to see their happiness,” he said.

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