Doctors remove fibroids from two patients

Updated 25 October 2014

Doctors remove fibroids from two patients

Two patients in Hafr Al-Batin have successfully undergone surgery for the removal of uterine fibroids.
A medical team from the Maternity Hospital in Hafr Al-Batin removed fibroids from the patients aged 34 and 40, media spokesman of Health Affairs in Hafr Al-Batin Abdulaziz Al-Inizi said.
The first patient, aged 34, was suffering from chronic pain in the abdomen and pelvis and experienced continuous uterine bleeding for two years. Medical, lab tests and X-ray showed that the patient had four uterine fibroids.
Accordingly, the patient was immediately subjected to urgent surgery where the fibroids were successfully removed while keeping the patient’s uterus intact.
The second patient underwent a similar operation. She too, was suffering from acute pain in the abdomen. An ultra-sound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a number of uterine fibroids which necessitated their removal. The uterus was left intact in this case too.

Arab coalition intercept drone targeting Khamis Mushayt

Updated 25 August 2019

Arab coalition intercept drone targeting Khamis Mushayt

  • The drone was fired from Sana'a and was targeting Khamis Mushayt
  • This is the latest in a spate of drone attacks launched by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia

DUBAI: The Arab coalition intercepted a Houthi drone targeting the Saudi city of Khamis Mushayt on Sunday, state news agency SPA reported.

It was the latest in a spate of attacks launched by the Iranian-backed militia, and just hours after the Houthis had targeted the same southwestern Saudi city in a matter of hours.

The Sunday morning attack was launched from the Yemeni city of Sana’a.

There were also 10 drones that hit the Saudi Shaybah natural gas liquefaction plant near the UAE border earlier in August.

Arab coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki later told media that all attempts by the militia to attack Saudi Arabia would be thwarted.

And he said that the continued targeting of civilian areas including airports was in direct violation of international law.