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Saudi Arabia

3 modern prisons to accommodate 12,000 inmates

The General Directorate of Prisons said that three correctional institutions for the treatment, training and social rehabilitation of young offenders will be established in Riyadh, Jeddah and Taif to accommodate 12,000 inmates.
A report by the directorate said the two correctional institutions in Riyadh and Jeddah are pending completion of in-ground services, while about 68 percent of the construction work has been completed at Taif's reformatory.
The report said that these modern prison facilities include 96 separate units with high security measures. Units with medium security measures will accommodate 5,120 prisoners and will also provide various social activities for the inmates.
The report said that 512 inmates in units with minimum security measures will be allowed to go out of their cells without any security measures. The general hospital located within the premises of the correctional institutions will operate with a capacity of 11 beds, including an outdoor clinic, an emergency unit, an operation theater, and isolation divisions to prevent any possible epidemics, the report read.
Inmates wishing to spend some private time with their families will also be allocated 16 residential units, which include a bedroom, toilets and one kitchen, as well as a garden with toys for children.
The three correctional institutions will feature study classes for primary, middle and secondary educational levels. A number of classes will be equipped with computers and specific equipment for those who wish to continue with higher studies.
Security will be maintained using the latest security systems in prisons, with cameras, an alarm system, and fire prevention equipment, as well as social and work programs to keep the inmates busy and focused on the labor market. One of these programs will train prisoners in farming techniques and farming business and an area will be allocated for farming inside the facilities.

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