Crown Prince Muqrin is an experienced administrator

Updated 25 January 2015

Crown Prince Muqrin is an experienced administrator

Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz is a former air force pilot who has a passion for astronomy, reading and agricultural research. He has more than 50 years’ experience as an administrator, civil servant and military officer.
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman appointed Prince Muqrin as crown prince and deputy premier and Prince Mohammed bin Naif as deputy crown prince, second deputy premier and interior minister on Friday, to strengthen the Kingdom’s political stability.
“The first decision taken by King Salman after becoming the new ruler was to implement the royal decree issued by King Abdullah, which was the appointment of Prince Muqrin as crown prince,” said in a report.
King Salman has urged royal family members and other citizens to pay their allegiance to Crown Prince Muqrin and Deputy Crown Prince Naif.
Prince Muqrin was born in Riyadh on Sept. 15, 1945, as the 35th son of King Abdul Aziz. He grew up in the care of his father and studied at Riyadh Model Institute. After graduation, he joined the Saudi Royal Air Force in 1964. He completed his studies in aviation in Britain and graduated in 1968 with the rank of flight lieutenant.
He has attended advanced training courses on fighter jets at Dhahran Air Force base, served as commander of the 2nd Air Squadron between 1970 and 1973.
In 1974, he joined the general staff course in the US where he earned a diploma, which is equivalent to a master’s degree. In 1977, he was appointed assistant to director of air operations and head of plans and operations at the air force.
Prince Muqrin has held several important positions in the government. In 1980, King Khaled appointed him as the governor of Hail at the age of 35 and he remained in that position for 20 years.
During the time of King Fahd, he was named Madinah governor in 1999. He remained in that position until October 2005, when he was appointed the country’s intelligence chief.
Prince Muqrin organized the first Information Technology and National Security Conference in mid-2007 to mark the 50th anniversary of the General Intelligence Department.
King Abdullah appointed him as a special royal adviser and envoy at the rank of minister on July 19, 2012.
A year later he was named second deputy premier and special envoy of the king. In 2014, King Abdullah issued a royal decree appointing him as deputy crown prince.
Prince Muqrin has emphasized that Saudi Arabia should acquire the latest technology and information systems and apply them in all sectors and activities to enhance efficiency.
While laying the foundation for King Abdullah Institute for nano technology, he said Saudi Arabia has understood the importance of this technology long ago. “This technology is considered as a scientific revolution in modern times.”
During his 20-year tenure as governor of Hail, Prince Muqrin transformed the province into one of the most agriculturally vital and active regions of the Kingdom.

Pilgrims with special needs treated to a memorable Umrah trip under Saudi ministry’s Ramadan initiative

Updated 26 May 2019

Pilgrims with special needs treated to a memorable Umrah trip under Saudi ministry’s Ramadan initiative

  • Umrah trip held as part of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah's “Sadiq Almutamir (Friend of the Pilgrim)” initiative 

JEDDAH: Several Muslims with special needs have benefited from a special Umrah pilgrimage organized by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

According to statement from the ministry, the Umrah trip, was held on the 17th of Ramadan  (May 22) under the “Sadiq Almutamir (Friend of the Pilgrim)” initiative in partnership with Sawt Alasm association in Jeddah.

A busload of 20 people with special needs were accompanied by 12 volunteers of Sadiq Almutamir, including sign language interpreters for the deaf pilgrims. 

The first stop was at Kuday area in Makkah, where pilgrims received the special gifts of Sadiq Almutamir, supported by the Establishment of Motawifs of South East Asian Pilgrims. Next was their arrival at the Grand Mosque, wherein the pilgrims performed Umrah, enjoyed Iftar meals, and received souvenirs from Haji & Mu'tamer's Gift Association. 

Volunteers assisted the pilgrims by communicating with them, providing instructions and directions in addition to sharing their feelings with the support of the sign language interpreters. 

Sadiq Almutamir also accompanied pilgrims during the performance of Umrah, providing wheelchairs for the elderly, sharing breakfast, and learning about their impressions of performing Umrah for their first time. 

Sadiq Almutamir is one of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s initiatives in Makkah’s Cultural Forum. It focuses on promoting the culture of giving and cooperation between the Saudi youth as well as elevating the volunteering services provided to Umrah pilgrims in order to enrich their experiences. It also provides optional tours to visit attractions, monuments, and places contribute to enriching experiences of Mutamirs and immortalizing beautiful memories in the Kingdom.

Launched late last year, the initiative aims to develop the spirit of volunteerism among Muslims and to invest in the youth by engaging young men and women in service and social responsibility.

“It focuses as well on improving the efficiency level of services provided to pilgrims, promoting the culture of volunteering, helping elderly and special needs’ people to perform Umrah rituals, and finally contributing to the realization of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 of reaching 1 million volunteers annually,” ministry statement said.

The trip was held in cooperation with the Western Fleet Transport, in coordination with the undersecretary of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for pilgrims’ transportation affairs and Haji & Mu'tamer's Gift Association.