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SR10,000 fine, 2-month prison for car drifters

RIYADH: The Shoura Council recommended on Tuesday a fine of SR10,000 or two-month jail or both for car drifting.
During the 40th ordinary session of the Shoura Council, presided over by President Abdullah Al-Asheikh, the house approved amendments to penalties related to car-drifting crimes.
According to the new amendments, a car drifter shall be liable for penalties including imprisonment, fines and seizure of the vehicle for a specific period, extendable if drifting is repeated. The fine for the first offense shall begin at SR10,000 or imprisonment of not less than two months, or both.
Penalties shall also apply to those who have encouraged or provided financial support, or a spectator encouraging a car drifter with a fine of SR1,500 or seizure of the car for 15 days, or both.
Riyadh traffic police and research and investigation teams have been trying to eradicate the phenomenon of drifting, which involves modifying vehicles to make their motors more powerful, and racing other cars in the streets. Efforts by authorities have resulted in the reduction of accidents and drifting incidents.
Last year, Riyadh traffic police arrested more than 646 car drifters during a period of six months preceding November.
Authorities have called on parents to monitor their sons, urging them to help reduce the extreme results of drifting since most of these violators are young people.

— With input from Sharif M. Taha

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