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Jeddah festival event attracts 18,000 visitors

JEDDAH: Jeddah has now witnessed two international circuses with the Italian Belucci Circus witnessing more than 18,000 visitors of different nationalities in past 10 days starting July 18 with the beginning of the 36th Jeddah festival.
The Italian Belucci Circus, with daring acrobatics, gymnastics, jugglers, a ring of death, balancing acts, dances of Argentina, acrobatic acts from Mongolia, a human pyramid from Columbia, the human canon and clown shows with 50 internationally acclaimed artists, linked satirical literature of ancient times with modern times and global culture.
The golden age of the circus began around the year 1870 and after that the circus around the world was a place where people expect amusement and laughter.
The small tents around the big tent of the main circus offer glimpses of different things such as the fire-breather, jugglers, the lion cage and animals used in the circus, and gives us the opportunity to learn about others’ lives.
Muna Rihan, a social worker said the world today is so miserable and sad that people need a laugh every now and then; laughing is a treatment to release tension.
The circus, and its acrobats and clowns let the audience forget their problems for a while, but that short amount of time is very important in life.
She also said that the existence of the international circus in Jeddah reflects the culture of other countries of the world and gives a chance to the people of Jeddah to experience these cultures.
Rana Riri, a businesswoman, also said that Arab communities need a great laugh at this moment and jugglers and jokers do it very well at the circus.
Christian Bellucci, the proprietor of the circus, said that holding the international circus in Saudi Arabia is a great opportunity for the Bellucci Circus.
Tickets are available on the spot outside the circus, SR50 for adults and children above six years, and children below six years are free. The first show starts from 9:30 p.m. and second show starts at 11 p.m.

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