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Saudi Arabia

Jeddah show enthralls all

JEDDAH: Jeddah Show, one of the many events of Jeddah Summer Festival 36, is attracting a large number of visitors. The sound-and-light show is being run at the Jeddah International Exhibition and Convention Center.
The show tells the story of the Bride of the Red Sea over the past 1,000 years. The show is breathtaking as sound and light intertwine forming a beautiful symphony.
Among other landmarks, the show puts under the spotlight the famous Jeddah fountain. The one show lasts about 40 minutes.
Faisal Yamani, general supervisor and director of the show, said the show seeks to diversify the activities to meet the desires of every visitor.
“The activities include plays, children's shows, games, contests and laser shows. The whole mission of the festival is aimed at highlighting the creative soul and spirit of Jeddah,” said Yamani.
He emphasized the creative dimension in the activities of Jeddah Festival 36 which focused this year on a unique form of artistic creativity, the art of 3D drawing on the ground such as the paintings of a female Saudi artist of 20 years of age.
In addition to the 3D drawing implanted by a group of pioneer artists, the activities include the participation of children in a wall drawing of about 20 meters long.
The other activities involve a variety of events for the enjoyment of the visitors of all age groups.
Yamani said all necessary information was provided to help visitors know the time and location of the events by employing modern techniques such as interactive screens installed at the entrance of the venue so that visitors can see the accommodations offered in detail.

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