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Saudi Arabia

Expats ‘feel safer’ in Kingdom than homeland

RIYADH: Expatriates feel Saudi Arabia is a safer place than their home countries despite the fact that the Kingdom is leading a war against the Yemeni rebels and other terror organizations and a couple of suicide attacks in the recent past.
Mahmoud Talaat, an Egyptian IT manager, said that being in KSA is such a pleasure. “I came to Saudi Arabia after the uprising in 2011. There was chaos in Egypt at that time. When I arrived in the Kingdom, I found peace and safety.”
Elham M., a Yemeni woman, said that in view of the prevailing circumstances in her country, the Kingdom is definitely a much safer place than the home country. “Saudi Arabi is my land and the way (Saudi) soldiers are sacrificing their lives for the safety of another country (Yemen) is beyond description,” a visibly emotional Elham added.
A Sudanese, who requested anonymity, said he enjoys staying in the Kingdom. Asked about the new developments in KSA, he said if he did not read it in the news, he wouldn’t have thought that there was Saudi Arabia was in war with Yemen. “Despite all this, the Kingdom is the safest country in the region.”
Persad P. a Sri Lankan citizen, said that when he chose Saudi Arabia to be his first destination. “Although there is war on the borders, we feel very safe inside the country.”
Nagwa Mousa, an Egyptian doctor, said Operation Decisive Storm and the relief works in Yemen reflect the humanitarian gesture of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman.

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