Firm wins SR900,000 grant for Saudization efforts

Updated 07 August 2015

Firm wins SR900,000 grant for Saudization efforts

RIYADH: The Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) has awarded a grant worth SR900,000 ($250,000) to Mondez Arabia, the Saudi Distribution company of Mondez International, for its continued commitment to training and development of Saudis nationals.
The HRDF award forms part of a series of grants and incentives aimed at increasing Saudi participation in the private sector. It supports the government’s efforts to increase the share of Saudi manpower while expanding work opportunities for Saudi women and boosting youth employment.
Saudi Nationals made up over 50 percent of new hires at Mondez Arabia, including regional business managers and national key account manager. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to developing a talented local workforce in a critical market, and highlights its support for the Ministry of Labor’s Saudization program.
In less than three years, Mondez Arabia has exceeded its employment targets by hiring over 90 full-time Saudi national staff.
This is the second milestone reached by Mondez Arabia in the Kingdom, where the global snacking firm had previously been recognized for its gender diversity, and hiring, training and development of women across both business and production functions. “We are extremely grateful to the government of Saudi Arabia and HRDF for this generous grant. It underlines our long-standing commitment to support the national effort to develop world-class, home-grown Saudi talent. The grant will help us attract the best candidates to launch and advance the careers of Saudis, while also supporting the country’s fast-growing food and beverage sector.”
Mondez International’s largest-selling iconic brands have been sold in the Kingdom for decades through its subsidiary Nabisco Arabia. Mondez International operates one of the largest internationally owned food and beverage plants in the Middle East.
Mondelez International, Inc. is a global snacking powerhouse, with revenues of $34 billion in 2014.
Mondez International and its predecessor, Kraft Foods, have been operating in the Middle East for more than a century, ever since Kraft Foods sold its first can of cheese in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1912.
Mondez International’s regional hub, located in Dubai, is responsible for operations, sales and distribution in more than 15 countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Pakistan, Iraq and Algeria.

Saudi official reveals new details about Khashoggi case to Reuters

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Saudi official reveals new details about Khashoggi case to Reuters

DUBAI: The instructions of the head of the Khashoggi mission were based on a previous directive to negotiate the return of members of opposition, a Saudi official told Reuters in a report published on Sunday.

The source said that the primary reports on the mission were not accurate so they had to investigate further, and that journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death was a result of a mistake from the negotiation team.

The confusion of the negotiation team led them to cover up on the incident, the official told Reuters.

The previous negotiation directive did not require the person in charge to obtain approvals from leadership, the official added.

According to the Saudi official’s reports to Reuters, primary findings showed that the death was a result of choking during at attempt to stop Khashoggi from raising his voice.

The negotiation team disobeyed orders, abused their authority and used violence, and there are 18 suspects in the Khashoggi case and they are currently detained pending an investigation, according to the official.