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Grand Mosque imam denounces Asir attack as evil act, extreme corruption

JEDDAH: Grand Mosque Imam Osama Khayyat has condemned Thursday’s blast in which 12 security officers and three employees of the Special Emergency Forces Center in Asir were killed.

“What happened in Abha and the news that you heard was actually an act of evil and extreme corruption. It was actually committed by those who have chosen to be the tools of Satan,” he said during the Friday sermon.
Khayyat wondered how one can convince oneself to be a tool in the hand of the enemies of one’s religion, country and nation. He said that this is the path of evil.
Coming down strongly against the aggression, Khayyat asked if they know that our Lord warned us from following Satan and his path. Quoting one of the verses of the Qur’an, Khayyat said “Satan is your enemy. You also make Satan your enemy. The satan calls you to join his party to be the people of the fire.”
He also warned that the believer should never ever follow the path of Satan as it is their enemy.
He said that whatever happened on Thursday and similar incidents in the past were nothing but toeing the path of Satan. He said that they have indulged in the bloodletting of innocents.
The Imam quoted Prophet Muhammad — peace be upon him — that if a man kills an innocent then “he will hold the banner of treachery on doomsday.”
Khayyat said that the people who have gone astray were reckless in their path. They are indulging in the kind of evil and aggression which are of the worst kind.
He said that those who were killed while praying in the mosque were performing one of their obligations, which, as promised by Allah, will lift their status and elevate their position.
Khayyat said that see the difference between those who would be presented before their Lord in the condition they were praying to him and those who are against Allah and his messenger, killing an innocent, are the biggest losers.

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