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Saudi Arabia

UN thanks Kingdom for helping Syrian refugees

JEDDAH: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has expressed its thanks to Saudi National Campaign for Syrian refugees for the provision of dates for more than 20,000 families in the Al-Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan.
The coordinator of the commission in the national campaign Hovig Etyemezian said that the Saudi campaign has had a good effect on improving the living conditions of the Syrian refugees in the camp through comprehensive efforts.
He added that the commission, in cooperation with the World Food Organization and "Save the Children" program has distributed dates provided by the Saudi National Campaign for Syrian refugees during the first half of this year.
Etyemezian praised the services provided by the campaign for the Syrians, adding: "The UNHCR and its partners appreciate this great generosity provided by the campaign through its various programs to improve the living conditions of the refugees there."
The Saudi National Campaign during the dates project supplied 70,000 kilograms that benefited 10,120 Syrian families living in Al-Zaatari refugee camp.

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