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Saudi Arabia

Technical colleges to ease enrollment of soldiers’ kin

RIYADH: As a mark of support for Saudi soldiers stationed on the southern borders, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) has pledged to secure the admission of their children to various institutions and colleges to further their education.

The announcement was made by TVTC Gov. Ali Al-Ghafis on Thursday at a meeting with the technical college's deans and directors of institutes across the Kingdom at the annual meeting of the executives.
“We will fulfill the desires of the wives of our brave soldiers stationed in the southern boundary and accept their children into colleges and institutes,” Al-Ghafis said.
He also agreed to accommodate the request of their wives by admitting their daughters into girls' technical institutions. Al-Ghafis issued the order with immediate effect.
In his speech, he said: "We owe a great deal to our brave soldiers who are defending the borders of this country under the guidance of our wise leadership.
"As such, we must make the enrollment process easier for their sons and daughters, and provide training opportunities for those who wish to do so. This work comes under the attention and keenness of the wise leadership for the sake of children and the families of these men in uniform, who are defending the religion and the homeland. This confirms the deep cohesion between the state and its people."
According to Al-Ghafis, there is an ongoing project in cooperation with the Ministry of Education for giving vocational training to students in high school in both technical and professional disciplines. "This will help to develop Saudi technical manpower to support the national economy," he said.
The meeting was attended by more than 120 deans (male and female) of the TVTCs faculties and heads of the industrial institutes to discuss major initiatives aimed at providing world-class training to young boys and girls.

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