Bad weather ‘till Tuesday’

Updated 14 September 2015

Bad weather ‘till Tuesday’

MAKKAH: Inclement weather will prevail in the holy city of Makkah until Tuesday and a warning had been issued about the weather on Thursday, a day before the Grand Mosque accident, the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) has said.
“Cloudy skies and thundershowers, accompanied by winds around 50 km per hour raising dust, is expected over the next few days,” PME spokesman Hussein Al-Qahtani was quoted as saying by local media on Saturday.
The city registered winds of 60 km per hour besides thunder and rain on Friday, he said.
“The PME had given a warning of rough weather earlier. It provides information to specialized bodies in different areas of the Kingdom regularly and whenever the situation warrants it,” Al-Qahtani added.

FaceOf: Fahad bin Sulaiman Altekhaifi, president of the General Authority for Statistics 

Updated 22 August 2018

FaceOf: Fahad bin Sulaiman Altekhaifi, president of the General Authority for Statistics 

Fahad bin Sulaiman Altekhaifi has been the president of the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) since his appointment to the post in May 2016.

On Monday GASTAT announced this year’s Hajj statistics, revealing detailed information on the number of pilgrims (which amounted to 2,371,675) performing Hajj this year, their genders, nationalities and whether they arrived through air, land or seaports.

The president conveyed his gratitude to all government and security entities that helped the authority to collect data, and praised the 450 GASTAT researchers who worked to compile the information and deliver it to the public.

He said that the collected data would help facilitate better experiences and easier pilgrimages for future programs, and better services for pilgrims — from social to health, and transportation to security and food.

Altekhaifi received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from King Saud University in 1992, a master’s degree in statistics from Colorado State University in 1996, and his applied statistics and research methodology Ph.D. from the University of Northern Colorado in 2001.

He worked as a manager of a financial program at the Institute of Public Administration in Riyadh from 1993 to 2005. For two years after that, he was a project director at the EIS department in Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants.

In 2007, Altekhaifi was appointed a manager of the research department at the Capital Market Authority, before becoming assistant deputy minister for development in November 2011. 

In June 2015, he was the director general of the Central Department of Statistics and Information. He served as the acting president of GASTAT in February 2016, before being appointed president on May 2016.