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100,000 tweets support hashtag defending KSA

RIYADH: “If my denunciation came from an imbecile, it is a testimony to my perfection,” is how the Twitter hashtag that defends the Kingdom and its services offered to the guests of God started.
Three hours after the setting up of the hashtag, it collected more than 100,000 spontaneous tweets that defended the Kingdom and its achievements in the Holy Sites.
The hashtag came under the title — # management – Saudi Arabia – success. Tweeps were surprised that a country that was famous for its history in criminal acts and its attempts to smuggle arms into the Grand Mosque to compromise its security is now crying over the martyrs of Mina.
A country with such a history shouldn’t belittle or question the Kingdom’s ability in serving guests of God. Tweeps wrote that this other country couldn’t control a football field with 30,000 people, and more than 800 people were killed during that riot, in addition to 1,000 injured.
This other country, that claims it is a Muslim country, chose to forget the thousands of people killed in Iraq, Syria and Yemen by its terrorist organizations. The Kingdom manages more than 2 million pilgrims in a space of eight square kilometers, which is the area of Mina, speaking different languages and coming from over 188 countries. Activists published photos of security officers serving the guests of God. A tweep started his tweet by listing figures, saying the Kingdom, through four decades, received more than 70 million pilgrims and deaths didn’t exceed 5,000 during the entire period.
Qatari journalist, Khalid Jasim wrote: “I say it in all honesty, from the heart of the Holy Sites: Those who wish to see jihad in its true form should see the actions of Saudi security officers.”
Saleh Mkharish commented on a picture where a security officer is carrying a child saying: “My brother pilgrims, you and your children are in the hands of God and the care of the men of this land.”
Writer Bassam Al-Flaih wrote that security men have acted out the best meaning of heroism, humanity and loyalty in serving pilgrims and those who have grudges will not be able to belittle them.
Humaid Al-Inizi said the success of the Haj season and the management the crowds annoys enemies of the nation.
Dr. Hakim Al-Mutairi from Kuwait and undersecretary of Al-Ummah Party wrote: “The call from Iran to globalize the Two Holy Mosques, like its call to protect Karbala and the Zainab Tomb, ended with American-Iranian invasion of Iraq and a Russian-Iranian invasion of Syria.”
Media activist Hassan Mufti was ironic about the stand of the Iranian government on the incident saying: “Hundreds of years ago their forefathers stole the Black Stone and now they are talking on the art of managing pilgrims.”

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