‘Makkah a paradise on earth’

Updated 01 October 2015

‘Makkah a paradise on earth’

DAMMAM: At this time of strife and conflicts in some Arab and Islamic countries, pilgrims travel to perform Haj in the Kingdom where a sense of safety and tranquility makes up for what they may not be familiar with in their own countries.
In this regard, some pilgrims of different nationalities spoke about their experiences and the sense of security and faith they felt in the land of the holy places.
Rahmatullah Mohammed Haj, a Rohingya from Myammar, described Makkah as a paradise on earth. He said that the mental images of murder and blood and the memory of the sounds of guns and bullets disappeared completely once he stood before the Kaaba.
Fatimah Ahmad, an Egyptian pilgrim, said that Makkah and Madinah were places of spiritual treatment for the psychological and social pains suffered by some pilgrims. She hopes that the two holy cities will continue to provide a real sense of security.
Mohammed Bakri, a Syrian pilgrim, said: “In the midst of bloody conflicts which have been accompanied by a decline in security, the continuing disruption of peace and stability and unemployment and poverty in our country, the scene in Makkah is completely different. It provides security and stability for all pilgrims.”
Along the same lines, Abu Salman, an Iraqi pilgrim, said: “Once we put our feet on the soil of the Kingdom, we feel the safety and security that we lack in Iraq.” He praised the Saudi leadership for providing such security and safety for its visitors.
Another Iraqi pilgrim said that Makkah provided a sense of safety, stability and peace of mind, after a journey fraught with danger and difficulties. The pilgrim prayed for the end of conflict in Iraq so that its citizens could feel safe in their own country.
Tayyib Muhammad Ali of Kirkuk said Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman deserved praise for all services provided to pilgrims which enable them to perform the rituals.
Abu Mazen from Baghdad said: “This is an opportunity for us to escape from the explosions of bombs and cars and the sound of aircraft which has turned our lives into a kind of hell.”

Saudi drivers to make racing history with debuts at Ad Diriyah

Updated 13 December 2018

Saudi drivers to make racing history with debuts at Ad Diriyah

  • Two local heroes to take to the track in the first-ever Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY contest for production-based electric cars
  • Ahmed Bin Khanen and Bandar Alesayi of the Saudi Racing team will be among the first drivers to test Ad Diriyah track

RIYADH: Saudi motorsport has never looked so good as two drivers prepare for a historic debut in the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY, the world’s first international championship for production-based electric cars, being launched at the racetrack created at the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site of Ad Diriyah.

Flying the flag for Saudi Arabia, the General Sports Authority (SAMF) and the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation (SAMF), Ahmed Bin Khanen and Bandar Alesayi of the Saudi Racing team will be among the first drivers to take to the track tomorrow.

Saudi fans can cheer them on during their free practice session at 3.45pm tomorrow (Friday, December 14), and see if they make it to the final of eTROPHY at 12.50pm on Saturday (December 15).

Ahmed Bin Khanen, Saudi Racing said: “It’s really great to be part of the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY Championship, especially as the first race is in Saudi Arabia with my family and friends. I hope to get a good race result and most importantly, make the race exciting for fans to watch.”

The Saturday eTrophy final precedes the main ABB FIA Formula E race, the 2018 ‘Saudia’ Ad Diriyah E-Prix.

Single-day tickets from Friday at SR330 are still available at www.ad-diriyah-eprix.com, along with three-day tickets from SR950.