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GOSI’s work hazards scheme offers top-class benefits

JEDDAH: The occupational hazards scheme or program applies to both Saudi and expatriate employees working for the private sector, an official of the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) has said.
“The scheme covers GOSI subscribers for both work injuries and diseases related to occupation. The work injury is defined as any injury sustained by an employee during work or as a result of it or accident on way from his/her residence to his place of work and vice versa, or on his way from his place of work to the place where he eats or attends prayer and vice versa,” Abdullah Al-Abduljabbar, spokesman of GOSI, was quoted as saying by local media.
According to him, the subscriber has the right to benefit from the occupational hazards program immediately from the date of registration in the system. “This is not linked to the duration of a particular subscription or age. As long as a beneficiary is registered with GOSI, he/she can enjoy the advantages, even if he/she is more than 60 years old.”
Al-Abduljabbar said that the occupational hazards program provides many advantages for injured GOSI subscribers, such as medical care including diagnosis, treatment, surgeries, rehabilitation, medicines, medical supplies and prosthetics.
This medical care is offered through hospitals contracted by GOSI in all regions and governorates of Saudi Arabia. This medical care has no limits in terms of the treatment period and cost, and will be provided to the injured until his/her condition is stable, he said.
“The injured GOSI subscriber is also entitle to allowances equal to 100 percent of the daily wage. He/she and their companion will also receive expenses to move from his residence or work to entities where he receives treatment or visits medical committees,” Al-Abduljabbar said.
“The occupational hazards program also covers cash compensation for post-accident disabilities. This includes a lump sum amount for Saudi subscribers if the disability ratio is less than 50 percent or a monthly pension if the disability ratio is more than this. Non-Saudis are entitled to a lump sum compensation, according to the nature of disability,” he said.

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