RIYADH: The Riyadh-based King Fahad National Library (KFNL) was picked as the best architectural work in 2015 by global A+Award program, according to an online report.
KFNL ranked atop seven buildings selected by program officials as the best new innovative architectural buildings in 2015.
The KFNL also said that a famous architect, Eckhard Gerber’s book, “Eckhard Gerber Baukunst: Buildings and Projects 1966-2013,” highlights images of KFNL and various areas that feature the uniqueness of the structure.
The author who designed the largest library in the Middle East also designed and oversaw the design of buildings and projects in Europe, Asia and Arab countries.
According to its website, the jury picked the winning buildings in accordance with new international standards for environment-friendly structures and that meet the challenges of climate change.
The officials explained that it was the flexibility and innovation factor, and the fact that the building does not need to consume large amounts of energy, that put the building atop arbitration standards.
The officials added that all the winning features of KFNL include materials that help in the negative cooling of the building using Teflon panels and perforated materials. They help to provide thermal comfort for visitors inside the building with the help of the air and natural lighting in place without consuming much energy.
The library consists of steel cables working as a layer of insulation to prevent the walls of the building from absorbing the sun’s heat, and also promotes passive cooling in all floors of the building.

Thu, 2015-11-19 05:07
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