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Saudi Arabia

3 Saudi girls escape from shelter

JEDDAH: The authorities in Jeddah are looking into the escape of three Saudi girls from the Hospitality House of the Jeddah Social Affairs Directorate a few days ago.
They are trying to find out where the the girls went and who helped them escape. Sources in the Ministry of Social Affairs were quoted as telling a local publication that the initial investigation did not reveal the whereabouts of the girls.
This incident is the second of its kind where the reasons and motives of the girls who ran away from the shelter is not known.
The sources said the authorities will refer the girls after arresting them to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution in the province, noting that the girls lived in the Hospitality House after serving their prison terms since their families refused to take them back. The house looks after and provides for all such people.
In the first incident, the girls broke the emergency door of the house and went away although their stay at the house is optional after their families refused to take them back. The girls in such situations stay in the house until they reach an understanding with their families. The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution interrogated two suspects linked to the incident.
The Hospitality House in Jeddah receives and gives shelter to juveniles in danger of delinquency, who have been referred to it by competent bodies. They are offered services and behavioral modification according to educational and correctional programs with the coordination of departments and entities concerned with juvenile issues.

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