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Saudi Arabia

Prosecution seeks death for 16 spies

JEDDAH: A representative of the Bureau for Investigation and Public Prosecution (BIPP) has demanded that the harshest punishment for 16 people accused of forming a spy cell linked with Iranian intelligence.
They are also accused of leaking sensitive government information, in addition to recruiting a number of employees to achieve their goals.
The public prosecution issued an indictment against 16 of the cell’s 32 members during the hearings which began at the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh on Monday.
The prosecution demanded the imposition of the death penalty after successfully proving the charges against the defendants.
The charges included offenses constituting treason and violation of ten articles of the anti-cybercrime laws. Additionally, the men were accused of money laundering, using weapons and ammunition, forgery and sharing confidential information.
The prosecution stressed the need to implement the maximum penalties stipulated in Article 17 of the money laundering system against all the accused, with the exception of the 12th and 13th defendants.
The indictment demanded the application of maximal punishments on two of the defendants in accordance with Article 34 of the system on weapons and ammunitions, while three of the accused were said to have violated Article 5 of the system on the publication and disclosure of documents and confidential information.

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