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Saudi Arabia

Saudi and French positions identical on solving many Middle East issues: Al-Jubeir

Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir stressed that the Crown Prince's visit to France, was successful and there was conformity of opinions between the two sides, on solving many Middle East issues.
"Views of the two countries were identical, on all topics that were discussed, including the issues of Syria, Iraq, Iran's interference in the affairs of the region, Yemen, Libya and the fight against terrorism, as well as the bilateral cooperation between the two countries, in the fields of security, military, economic and the political consultation, noting that this reflects the strategic and historical relations between the two countries and the desire of the leaders of the two countries to enhance and intensify these relation in all fields," Al-Jubeir stated, adding that "the stances of the Kingdom and France, in regard to Syria and supporting the Syrian opposition are identical and complementary to each other, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis."
"According to the stances of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, France and most of the world countries, there must be a cease-fire to resume or start the political process, in order to reach to the phase of transition of power in Syria, under the principles of the Geneva-2 and there is no future for Bashar al-Assad, in the new Syria," in concluding remarks.

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