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Technology forces firms to change marketing methods

JUBAIL: The marketing and advertising sectors have witnessed major changes in recent times in terms of their limits, methods and tools due to modern technology, improved means of social communication and the rapid spread of information. With this change, these sectors are following new strategies and are beginning to reject traditional methods.
The CEO of Shararah Company, Bader Al-Saad, said of this change: “The marketing sector has evolved in recent times due to the large number of ads and tactics used by some companies, and the spread of social networks,” confirming that the focus on interaction through Facebook pages and Twitter and other social networking mediums is the basis of the modern marketing concept.
Digital media trainer Ammar Mohammed said that social networking is capable of highlighting products to buyers, as well as evaluating the market and competitors. Hence, marketing has become important because it has turned out to be a major method of using the Internet to attract customers from all over the world to physical stores and events.
He explained that many companies depend on famous celebrities and public figures to promote their products, taking advantage of their large number of fans and followers on social media to ensure a wider spread of information.
The trainer said that the rise of social networks have sparked intense competition among a large number of marketing companies, and have helped in understanding the market's needs, listening accurately to customers and their criticism with an open mind.
“Before commencing marketing on social networking sites, it is important to identify the target audience, the content that will be presented, and the specific kind of communication network that must be selected according to each product,” Mohammed said, urging companies to purposefully set aside budgets and highly professional staff in social media departments, and to post ads to specific groups instead of just making them 'open category'.

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