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Saudi Arabia

Marriage of teens aged 16 and 15 sparks controversy

JEDDAH: There has been heated debate on Twitter over the marriage of a 16-year-old Tabuk youth and his 15-year-old cousin, with some declaring it courageous while others arguing that they are too young.
However, the father of the groom, Ali Al-Qaisi, said that his son wanted to marry. “I am confident that he can handle this responsibility. I trust him very much and depend on him to manage the affairs of the house in my absence.”
Speaking to a local publication, Al-Qaisi said he was married when he was 17 years old, which did not stop him from completing his studies and finding a job. “This is not contrary to Islamic law. And his cousin, the bride, is also able to assume this responsibility,” he said.
The teenagers live in a separate section of Al-Qaisi’s big house. The groom said he was not contravening Islamic law and that his union was blessed by his parents. He had initially raised controversy when he sent out invitations to his school friends stating that he was going to get married.

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