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Saudi Arabia

Prince Faisal to help establish women’s industrial firm

Madinah Governor Prince Faisal bin Salman promised businesswomen in Yanbu that he would help them establish a women’s industrial company during a visit to the women’s section of the Yanbu Chambers of Commerce and Industry (YCCI) on Sunday.
The businesswomen’s center requested the prince to launch a female industrial zone to manufacture chocolates, soap, textiles and accessories. They also discussed with the prince the possibility of establishing an all-women’s factory for plastic products, using the byproducts of the Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).
The prince also presided over the Yanbu local council and municipal council meetings, to discuss the implementation of various new projects in the governorate.
During his inspection tour of the YCCI, the prince visited a women’s training center, a businesswomen center and an exhibition at the Yanbu International Exhibition Center. He also visited the heritage village, a historical museum and women’s bazaar organized by the chamber. The prince’s latter visit was significant as the bazaar houses a number of sections run by Saudi women, including a women’s bakery, a children’s section, a local handicraft heritage display, a section for businesswomen and unit for the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.
While returning from his meetings with the members of the local municipality council and the governorate, the prince met with a number of citizens waiting outside, listening to their demands and receiving their petitions. He assured them that they would hear good news regarding their concerns.
Upon his arrival at the coastal town of Al-Rayes, the governor of Badr, Saleh Al-Khalifa, received the prince and the two discussed the latest progress concerning the projects developing in the Rayes beach area, as well as on the islands situated to the west and south of the town.
Meanwhile, the prince also visited historical sites such as the Al-Adwah Al-Dunya, Al-Adwah Al-Quswavin in Badr, as well as the graveyard of the martyrs and Al-Areesh mosque. The prince discussed with the members of the local and municipal council of Badr matters related to the development projects in the governorate.

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