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Saudi Arabia

Prince Sultan stresses importance of PSCDR

Prince Sultan bin Salman, co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of the Prince Salman Center for Disability Research (PSCDR), underscored the importance of PSCDR's 20th anniversary which will be celebrated on Dec. 8.
“This event is very important because it highlights the diligent work which the PSCDR and its partners have conducted during the past 20 years,” Prince Sultan said during a press conference at the PSCDR's headquarters at the Diplomatic Quarter (DQ).
PSCDR works in the field of science for the benefit of the general public, to improve the integration of disabled people into mainstream society so they can develop their potential.
Prince Sultan announced the new orientation of PSCDR for the next five years, based on the recently finalized strategic plan.
“The work of the center is conducted at the highest standards. The results of its various activities to formulate programs for the benefit of the disabled are under constant scrutiny,” he said.
PSCDR has been working hard due to the complexity of the issue of disability and the scarcity of the expertise involved.
“We first identified a common platform for all participants in the field of disability. They can benefit from our expertise on educational, medical and economic fronts,” he said. The achievements of the center throughout the years include knowledge-based ideas about the needs of the disabled and the community, and the implementation of research activities and studies in guidelines and regulations that will benefit the community and the disabled in particular.

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