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Saudi Arabia

Reconciliation centers to ease 30% of caseload

New reconciliation centers are expected to relieve 30 percent of the cases that reach the courts of first instance, according to the Ministry of Justice.
The centers will deal primarily with family cases and matters of succession and inheritance, and the simple criminal cases that do not reach the degree of murder, said a ministry source.
The Council of Ministers recently approved regulations for these centers. Legal alternatives for the settlement of conflicts through reconciliation and arbitration were also unveiled.
The plan aims at finding mutual settlements among conflicting parties.
Most of the cases likely to be referred to these centers are matters that need to be tackled in confidence, the sources told Al-Eqtisadiah. Disputes between couples or siblings could drag on for years, the source said. Such cases make up the majority of the caseload at the courts.
The move to create reconciliation centers aims at bringing down the time of litigation, while guaranteeing the right of the parties to go to court if there is no initial settlement.
The source said that these centers will be supervised by judges and counselors, who are specialists in arbitration.
There will be also lawyers, psychiatrists and social workers.


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