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Report makes case for more judges

In its 2011 annual report, the Court of Grievances said it gave rulings in 58,184 cases out of a total of 99,103 it dealt with. The report said decisions were made in 21,645 administrative cases out of 46,997 such cases filed. Decisions were made in 10,545 business cases out of 17,289 cases in 2011. The court issued verdicts in 11,256 criminal cases out of 14,620 cases that were presented for its consideration, the report said.
The Administrative Appeal Court under the Court of Grievances in Riyadh handled 14,297 cases out of a total of 19,632 cases it received in 2011. In the report, the court asked the Ministry of Civil Service to appoint experienced assistant judges so that the judges could devote their full attention to the cases they were handling and avoid delay in announcing verdicts.
The report added that the court employed 822 judges, 954 judges’ assistants and 1,020 administrative officials. Still, 1,023 jobs remained vacant in 2011.
The report also pointed out that the court needed to have its own building to match its status, instead of the current rented building. This does not have halls or sufficient waiting space for the public, or parking facilities. It also stressed the buildings should be equipped with the latest technology.

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