Saudia to be transformed into a holding company in 5 years

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Updated 26 February 2013

Saudia to be transformed into a holding company in 5 years

Saudi Arabian Airlines will be transformed into a holding company within five years, said Khaled Al-Molhem, its director general.
He also disclosed plans to privatize five new companies affiliated to the organization.
Al-Molhem said the airline would continue to provide discounted tickets to students and military officers.
Saudia will privatize the Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries, Prince Sultan Aviation Academy and the Real Estate Development Company.
Al-Molhem noted Saudia flights did not register any accidents since 1996.
He welcomed new operators in the Kingdom’s domestic sector, saying it would improve competition and benefit travelers. “Domestic flights account for 67 percent of Saudia’s total flights,” he said.
He said Saudia has already privatized its catering, cargo and ground service divisions. The catering company has sold 30 percent of its shares in an initial public offering.
“The catering company supplied 28 million meals to 59 airline companies last year,” Al-Molhem said.
Saudia’s Cargo company has 12 wide-bodied aircraft, offering its services to countries around the world.
The Ground Services company handles more than 56 million passengers annually. There are more than 5,000 employees in the Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries and 90 percent of them are Saudis.
“We are planning to invest SR 3.5 billion in the maintenance sector and we’ll become the largest aircraft maintenance center in the region once the new project is completed,” Al-Molhem said, adding that the company would employ 5,000 more workers in the coming years.
He said Saudia purchased 84 new aircraft from Airbus and Boeing in recent years to modernize its domestic and international fleet network.
Al-Molhem highlighted the airline’s efforts to train Saudi graduates to become pilots and air crew, providing them with training at Prince Sultan Aviation Academy and sending them for higher studies abroad on King Abdullah Scholarship.
“There is no study or decision on canceling the 50 percent discount provided on tickets of students, military officers and other special groups of travelers. We have been following this pricing system during the last 17 years and there is no plan to cancel it in the near future,” the director general said.
He said the total number of passengers carried by Saudia increased to more than 24 million in 2012 against 16 million in 2006.

KSRelief 45-vehicle aid convoy heads to Hodeidah

KSRelief General Supervisor Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah speaks to media in Riyadh on Wednesday. (SPA)
Updated 20 June 2018

KSRelief 45-vehicle aid convoy heads to Hodeidah

  • Al-Rabeeah said KSRelief had carried out a total of 262 aid projects in all governorates of Yemen
  • Al-Rabeeah called on international humanitarian organizations to provide relief assistance to the people of Yemen.

RIYADH: A 45-vehicle aid convoy carrying 924 tons of foodstuffs, medical and housing supplies left Saudi Arabia for the Yemeni province of Hodeidah on Wednesday.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, KSRelief general supervisor, said that 18 of the trucks were sent from Sharurah, 15 from Jazan and 12 from Riyadh.

The convoy included 595 tons of food baskets, 186 tons of dates, 95 tons of medicines, and 48 ​​tons of shelter materials, tents, rugs and blankets for the residents of the province of Hodeidah.

Al-Rabeeah said KSRelief had carried out a total of 262 aid projects in all governorates of Yemen.

He called on international humanitarian organizations to provide relief assistance to the people of Yemen.

The Arab coalition has secured all Yemeni crossings for humanitarian aid to alleviate Yemeni people’s suffering caused by violations committed by the Iran-backed Houthi militias, who have been looting humanitarian aid to Yemen, Al-Rabeeah said.

 “We have been always by the side of Yemeni civilians. Our prime goal is to alleviate the humanitarian situation in Yemen in general and Hodeidah in particular. We will use all transportation means, land, air or seaports, to help our brothers and sisters in Hodeidah,” he added. 

“We are welcoming coordination with the international humanitarian organizations to have a joint effort that will definitely pour into the civilians in Hodeidah to reduce the humanitarian crisis there as the coalition has expressed its full readiness to protect the aid and facilitate the means to reach different destinations,” Al-Rabeeah said.

Abdulsalam Babood, senior official to the Yemeni government and a member of Yemeni Relief Committee, said: “On behalf of my country and the Yemeni people, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to King Salman and the crown prince for their unmatched generosity and unwavering support to the Yemeni civilians in terms of medical supplies and food and other needed items for survival.

“Hodeidah has been suffering from the humanitarian crisis over the past three years due to the full control imposed by the Houthi militants on them. Starvation and the big shortage in medical supplies and medications and huge environmental issues are the main struggles of the people there. International reports estimate that 61 percent of people in Hodeidah are in urgent need of essential supplies. We then put a plan to cope with this humanitarian crisis.”