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Saudi Arabia

School textbooks to go online soon

Schools students will soon be able to get all their textbooks online and even download them onto their smart phones, it was announced by the Ministry of Education in a circular to schools.
The ministry’s Undersecretary for Planning and Development Naif Al-Roomi said in the circular that this measure is part of a strategic plan to improve learning in the country.
The books will be available on the ministry’s website. They will be fully interactive and can be downloaded with smart phones. The project will be completed in two years.
Muhammad Al-Dukhaini, the ministry’s spokesman, said electronic textbooks are already available “but what we are trying to do here is to develop them for interactive use.” The project is being worked on by specialists inside and outside the ministry.
The ministry is planning to implement electronic education through a wide range of programs, including its Noor program, which currently involves students, teachers and parents.
He said it may even be possible for school students to take up distance learning like students at universities.

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