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Saudi Arabia

Tabuk University builds drone to monitor floods

Tabuk University students on Monday announced that they had built a drone.
The drone, called the Saham 2, was among several projects completed at the university.
The aircraft was designed and built by university students, and constructed of high-quality fiber and other materials, said Salahaddin Hafiz Omar, supervisor general of the university’s Giftedness and Creativity Unit Professor.
The plane will be used to monitor floods and send reports on the direction and depth of the rains. The drone will utilize sensors on the ground.
It can also be used to report the locations of stranded people whom it can detect through a thermal camera installed within it and connected to a radar, he said.
Omar said the university is in need of financial support required to implement and develop several innovative projects including the installation of thermal cameras in the new aircraft.
Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles piloted by remote computer control.
Drones are built in a wide range of sizes and configurations. They are usually used in military applications, but Tabuk University officials say that will only be deployed for civil work.
However, drones are best known today for its aerial bombing capabilities, mostly used by the US military.

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